Develop the local marketing strategy of your multi-site business

How many times have you said you wanted to improve your multi-site business’ location marketing strategy, but never hesitated to do so? Or haven’t you thought about how a strong localized marketing strategy can help your business yet? Either way, it’s time to take action and step up your multi-location business’ localization marketing strategy.

Many businesses have experienced a lull in traffic due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Rather than sitting idle during this time, you can use it to your advantage and maximize your localized digital presence. A large-scale, localized marketing strategy will ensure your business recovers from COVID-19 and stands out from its competition. From social media to ratings and reviews to local listings, there’s a lot to cover! We’ll walk you through key tactics to evolve to match consumer digital behaviors amid COVID-19.

Develop a social media strategy across all sites

Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for your multi-site business to communicate with your consumers and target audience. Although your multi-site business already has a social media strategy in place, there are plenty of opportunities to extend your social media strategy and make it more relevant to the situations we are all facing due to COVID-19 .

For example, your multi-site business should use social media to promote the security measures you are taking during this time to keep consumers safe. If your business is currently open, do you need masks and are your employees wearing them? How often do you disinfect the store and check the health of your employees? This is information that consumers are looking for right now. The virus affects each area differently – localizing these updates is key to staying relevant. It’s important to reassure consumers and emphasize how proactive your company is in keeping them healthy.

In addition to using social media to highlight the steps your business has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s also important to share any changes in business operations that may have occurred. Many businesses have reduced their opening hours, which should be highlighted on your social media channels. We understand that these hours may vary by location, so your multi-site business should have a local Facebook page for each location. Your business may also have higher hours or different hours for takeout and delivery, all of which should be highlighted on your social media.

If your multi-site business has yet to open due to the current pandemic or reduced foot traffic, virtual events or Q&As are also a great way to ramp up your social media strategy during this time. For example, if you work in a restaurant and are only allowed at 25% capacity, you can hold virtual cooking classes or post fun recipes on your social media to keep your consumers engaged. While some consumers may not be able to visit your business in multiple locations right now, they will remember these efforts once they can go out to eat again or visit a hair salon or gym.

While it’s essential to use social media to update your consumers on what’s happening during the current pandemic, it’s also important to remember that it shouldn’t be the only thing you post about. You don’t want to post too much about COVID-19 and cause your consumers to lose interest in your posts. Although you should be aware of the current state of the nation, you can also post information about your business or other relevant topics. Maintaining a balanced social media presence will keep your consumers engaged with your content and ultimately help them remember your business when making a purchasing decision.

If you’re wondering how to manage these new social media tactics with fewer resources, you’re not alone! SOCI realizes that many businesses have had to consolidate their marketing efforts during this time, so we’re here to help! SOCI Content Manager lets you manage all your local social media pages across a variety of channels, all from one platform! We make it easy for you to manage and monitor all your social media pages from one centralized platform, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Collect ratings and reviews and manage them for each location

Another great way to grow your localized marketing strategy is to focus on your local ratings and reviews. Our 2020 Locational Marketing Benchmark Report found that reviews were the most important factor consumers consider when making a buying decision. If your multisite business hasn’t focused on ratings and reviews during COVID-19, now’s the time to start.

You may be wondering how you can get new ratings and reviews when your business operations are limited, but there are ways to get creative! If you haven’t yet responded to all of the reviews that each of your business sites have received on various search and social platforms, now is a great time to do so. Eighty seven percent of consumers express their willingness to modify a negative opinion, depending on the reaction of the company. If you’re trying to improve your overall star rating and feelings about reviews, responding is a must! Whether it’s a simple response to a positive review or acknowledgment of a negative review, responses matter.

Once you’re done responding to all the reviews your business has received, you can think about ways to collect more reviews both now and once your business is back to normal. Is it easy for consumers to find out how to leave a review for your business? Do you mention reviews without prompting them? Here are some tactics your multi-site business can use to get more reviews during this downtime. For more ideas on how to collect reviews for your business, check out our Blog on the subject.

As mentioned earlier, we know your business may be strapped for resources right now. That’s why SOCI is also here to help you manage your local ratings and reviews! Thanks to our reputation and reviews feature, SOCI aggregates all reviews from all your business sites into one centralized platform, accessible by both corporate and local teams. Give local marketing teams the power to respond to reviews and your corporate team the oversight with the creation of approval workflows. If you’re looking to grow your reputation and assessment strategy, SOCIa has you covered.

Update your local listings with relevant information

Local listings can be one of the most important ways for your multi-site business to expand your localized marketing strategy, especially now. It’s more important than ever to have up-to-date local listings in all of your business locations. Up-to-date local listings can save your consumers time and confusion, which is vital in these difficult times.

If your opening hours have changed, this should be updated on all your listings in each business location. Google My Business (GMB) and other search platforms have also added new features to their platforms that businesses can use to highlight changes due to COVID-19. For example, GMB allowed companies to communicate temporary closures and highlight secondary hours of operation if your business has different hours for seniors or takeout and delivery. Yelp also added a new COVID-19 sectionwhere you can also include all relevant information for your local businesses.

While making sure your local listings are up to date is crucial, there are also ways to grow your listings to make them more effective as people slowly return to your business. For example, you can include a cover photo and other local photos to your profile, answer questions that may have been received in your Q&A section, and start replacing COVID-19 messages with other messages that may be of interest. your target audience. For more ideas on how to improve your local listings after COVID-19, check out our Blog on the subject.

If you need more help navigating your local listings or are worried about how you’re going to manage all the listings in your location, SOCI is here to help again! Not only can we help you with your content management, ratings and reviews, but our ad solutions allows you to maintain accurate and consistent information across hundreds or thousands of business and network listings.

Now that you have all the tools you need to develop your localized marketing strategy, the future is in your hands. What steps will your multi-site business take to scale up amid the current pandemic? You should strive to improve your localized marketing strategy to reap the benefits in terms of new leads and ultimately sales. Find out how SOCI can become the central command for your multi-location businesses and can help you maximize every step of the customer journey.



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