Delta community condemns “best president of local government” award to president of Isoko South, calls it “monumental” failure

The Deltans, especially residents of the Isoko Sud local government area in Delta State, condemned the awarding of an award to the chairman of the council, Victor Asasa, as “Best government president. local 2021 ”.

They described him as a “monumental” failure with appalling performances since taking office.

Nigeria’s new television stations (TNNTV), Abuja, headed by its chairman, Seun Akinde, awarded over the weekend at a hotel in Asaba, the state capital, the chairman of the local government area of Isoko Sud, Victor Asasa, as “Best Local Government President of the Year 2021”, claiming that he was chosen “as a result of his positive contributions to the growth and development of Isoko South and of Delta State in general “.

Akinde said: “The nomination of the Honorable Asasa and subsequent receipt of the award was in recognition of his modest performance since taking office as President of the Isoko South Local Government Area.

“TNNTV’s Advisory Board, after careful deliberation and consideration of Asasa’s nomination, approved that the South Isoko Council Chairman receive the National Award of Merit for Excellent Performance Leadership as Best Chairman of local government council of the year 2021. “

The award, which was received on Asasa’s behalf by Nelson Egware, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s senior special assistant for the media, is already causing controversy.

Many Delta residents, including councilors especially in South Isoko, expressed shock, describing the council chairman as the worst since the council area was established.

Since taking office, Asasa has faced public criticism due to his alleged bossiness and poor performance, among other things.

In June, as he celebrated his 100 days in office, a cross section of South Isoko residents lambasted and criticized the council president for presenting a refurbished furniture set and refurbished toilets, tours and donated items to an orphanage and hospital. .

He also listed among his achievements the insecticides for distribution and offered free medical examinations and treatment in rural areas.

Reacting to the award, an Isoko Sud advisor who spoke on condition of anonymity described it as “an undeserved prize obtained with money and awarded in dismal failure.”

“What did this starving organization, the New Nigeria Television Channels (TNNTV), Abuja, base their judgment on that Victor Asasa was chosen from among 24 board chairmen to become the top board chairman in 2021?

“These are sets of organizations that promote corruption in our country by prosecuting undeserving and corrupt political office holders and politicians with cash and transportation rewards. Asasa is my chairman, but he’s a failure. What have been his achievements in power since taking office to get an organization out of nowhere to award him an undeserved prize? “Asked the adviser.

Also reacting, a former state commissioner, who spoke on condition of anonymity, called Asasa’s administration “weak and sleepy”, which does not deserve a single award.

The former commissioner said: “Asasa’s government is a monumental failure, a dormant government and the sharing of monthly stipends to some party men, all on behalf of the rulers and elders. Asasa knows nothing about leadership. , governance; he was forced out of the people by a cabal for their self-interest and to share the council’s monthly stipends. “

Also reacting to the chairman’s award, some residents of Isoko Sud who took to their Facebook pages expressed shock at the criteria used by the organization to award such an award to the chairman who they felt did not deserve. the price taking into account his performance in his duties.

For example, Paul Utos, a native of Isoko South, said, “What criteria do they use to give these awards? What has Asasa been up to since taking the oath of office for President of the Year? You are laughing at me ?

Rex Efezino Inonoje said: “It’s like the sense of development I know has changed or it’s probably been a very long time since I visited Isoko.”

Jefferson Oruoghorie said: “So surprised.”

Joe Massino wrote: “What nonsense, what did they evaluate it with? There really was a country”, while Becky Fome said: “What God cannot do does not exist. Congratulations Mr. Chairman . “

Another resident of the community, Emuhore Lucky, challenged the council’s public relations manager, Efe Eto, to list the council chairman’s accomplishments.

“Can you mention what he did to get them to give him this award?” He’s the worst president Isoko South has ever had, ”Lucky said.

When SaharaReporters contacted the chairman of the board, Asasa, regarding his people’s opinion of his government and the award, he said that the allegations that his award had been obtained or that he did not deserve such an award didn’t matter.

“I never applied for the award. As a local government, we did a lot of black and white writing for everyone to see. Visit the council, what we did is visible to everyone. world, ”Asasa said.