Dean Mosiman’s Memorable Stories of 2021 | Local government

As the community emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been amazing to witness the creativity, dedication to causes, and resilience that give hope and promise. I’ve chosen stories that reflect this dynamic, some involving long-held dreams, including articles about a vision for the next downtown in the wake of the pandemic and anti-racism protests, and the Foundation’s plans. Bayview for the redevelopment of low-rental housing into what is one of Madison’s coolest neighborhoods. An 18-story high-rise housing proposal that would have razed the historic Wonder Bar with its South Side gangster lore has reignited a movement to save the building with the final chapters of the saga yet to be written. After some jerking, the Wisconsin Historical Society chose a site for a much sought-after $ 120 million museum at the top of State Street. And I was able to document the move of a homeless man from the once sprawling homeless settlement of Reindahl Park near East Towne to the town’s first small shelter settlement in an industrial estate on the Southeastern side.

There has been so much more – the plight of event venues amid the pandemic, the Black Business Hub offered by the Urban League of Greater Madison, and the unveiling of plans for the Center for Black Excellence and Culture, both on the south side, new investments and initiatives to fight armed violence, the arrival of rapid public transport by bus and an overhaul of the public transport network.

It will be something to watch as many of these companies come to fruition in the years to come.

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