Consumption of new-age media is changing the face of the local marketing landscape

In Cambodia, the transition to digital consumption has exploded with its development and the increase in the number of Internet users. This number was estimated to be over 9 million and was increasing in 2020, a figure more than half of the country’s population.

Steve Noble, editor of B2B Cambodia business news site, said the shift away from traditional forms of media is shaking up the entire marketing industry in the Kingdom. He added that the adoption of social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok, as well as language or region specific platforms such as Weibo or WeChat for the Chinese market, has changed the local marketing landscape. .

“This has led to a change in the way advertising and marketing agencies operate in big cities like Phnom Penh, due to increased consumption and demand for digital media,” Noble said.

He noted that this had spurred the rise of new age marketing techniques, such as SEO (search engine optimization), web advertising, and influencer marketing. Media website Splice agreed, saying the digital switchover requires a change in the understanding of how media is consumed so that marketers and advertisers can benefit from it.

The site explains, “Like many fast emerging countries, Cambodia is at the confluence of two major trends, its rapidly growing young population and increased accessibility to the Internet. This means that the media mostly travel online. Today, there are two truths in digital consumption. Everything is fungible, and everything will be trivialized over time. News, social media, video subscriptions, games, chats, e-commerce all vie for attention and money and these are fundamentally interchangeable. The average person, via their smartphone, now has the possibility to exchange each of them with the other.

Splice says it’s now increasingly important to appreciate how this digital switchover has changed the way information is created, amplified or enriched by technology.

Noble of B2B Cambodia noted that the shift to digital media consumption in the Kingdom has been recognized by a number of international digital agencies who are now actively raising the standards of digital marketing practices in Cambodia.

“New platforms and applications are always entering the market – and COVID-19 has spurred faster adoption of these tools in Cambodia. More businesses have pivoted and adapted to the pandemic by producing more and better online content, embracing fintech and online payment options, as well as apps. Food deliveries and online gambling are obviously on the rise and very competitive, ”he added.

“Customers are increasingly starting to think of their marketing in more strategic terms, taking a longer-term view of how they want to develop their brand image, how they see themselves in the market and who they want to talk to. ‘align Influencers and brand ambassadors are increasingly seen as added value for brands. Better-built websites and online ads to get people to engage, interact, or spend is essential, along with the use of SEO and web development best practices.

“Digital monetization has become popular [here] and fintech is here to stay. Thus, online payment options and quality advertisements targeted to applications, etc. will be standard media consumption. “

Noble said developing digital marketing and technology training courses was helping to improve standards. He added that the government must decide how best to monitor changes in the digital economy to ensure consumer protection and that the country remains an attractive destination for local and international businesses.