Companies hope for significant change | Local company

Many business groups hope the cabinet shuffle will deliver results and address issues affecting citizens.

In a surprising move on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley reshuffled his cabinet, with a number of ministers taking up different portfolios.

Among the major changes is the move of Faris Al-Rawi from the post of Attorney General to that of Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

The chief executive of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Ian De Souza, in a statement to the Express yesterday, said that while the chamber was surprised at the sudden Cabinet reshuffle, the reshuffles are not not uncommon and they are comfortable with the new appointments that have been made.

Regarding the new appointments, De Souza said the development of the agricultural industry is one of the key elements in the transformation of the economy, as the country seeks to eventually reduce its dependence on the energy sector such as that exists today.

“It should be noted that there was a significant budgetary allocation to agriculture in the last budget, which signals the government’s recognition of the need to develop the sector. It is imperative that any momentum that develops in this regard is maintained under the leadership of Minister Kazim Hosein.

He also noted that a long-standing challenge in the agricultural sector is the issue of transferring land to former Caroni workers.

“As title issues could impact transfers, we hope Minister Al-Rawi will use his legal expertise to help Minister Hosein close this case,” De Souza said.

Food security challenge

San Juan Business Association (SJBA) President Jason Roach said the reshuffle should not lose sight of citizens and focus on important national issues.

“Some of these include the ongoing ‘Pariah’ saga, signals to further reduce the fuel subsidy in light of escalating global oil and gas prices, failure to benefit from these points and the appointment of a permanent police chief.”

Roach said the association is aware of the challenges of local government, particularly funding regional corporations to provide services to diverse communities.

“At the moment, the regional companies don’t have the money to fix the roads and drains in the community as well as to solve other glaring problems such as the payment of the suppliers. With the former AG entering his new portfolio in local government as a senior member of government, we can only hope for a better funding delivery to serve our community,” the SBJA Chief said.

On the issue of food security and economic challenges, Roach said the country awaits significant plans and execution to make food security in the country a priority as ways to reduce the food import bill need to be found. .

Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC) President Richie Sookhai hopes more laws will be passed faster in parliament to address the lawlessness the country is currently experiencing.

“I believe that Faris Al-Rawi, being a sitting deputy from San Fernando West, should know the issues that citizens are facing and address them from the perspective of local government, despite the funding constraints facing the ministry. “

Regarding the new Minister of Agriculture, Kazim Hosein, Sookhai said he has a lot of work to do, such as land tenure, predial flight and technology implementation in agriculture, because one One of the biggest issues sellers have is product consistency.