Chin: MovieTowne Tobago will improve | Local company

Although turnout wasn’t exceptional on Wednesday for the reopening of MovieTowne Tobago, owner Derek Chin expects the “safe zone” policy to be removed from Monday, patronage will improve .

Chin told the Express yesterday that the numbers were not what they expected, but expects the safe zone policy to be removed from next week there will be an improvement numbers. He said the cinema had been closed since January because attendance was extremely low.

“Many Tobagonians were not vaccinated, so the number of people visiting the cinema daily was between 10 and 6. We decided to hold back until the government lifts the restriction on safe areas. gave the green light to try again and try to catch up with us in light of some good movies and the SEA exams that took place yesterday for the kids to relax and enjoy a good movie,” Chin remarked.

The businessman said he could not provide figures on how many SEA students visited the cinema yesterday. He said the turnout was not the same as the previous year, but was encouraging. He also argued that cinemas were not a major contributor to the spread of Covid-19. Chin said the theater will open for two months and then its management will assess whether it is profitable to stay open or permanently close in Tobago.

“Covid-19 and the many closures have forced us to make changes to keep the business agile.”

In July, he told the Express that several potential buyers had expressed interest in buying the Tobago branch.

Chin said, “It’s a ready-made cinema. It is the only one of its kind in Tobago. It’s a good thing. However, he needs a bit more time and attention to develop in Tobago. I know that the business community in Tobago is worried about me taking this step.