Charlottesville Police Civilian Oversight Board Launches New Reporting Initiatives | local government

Charlottesville residents will soon be able to express their pleasure and dissatisfaction with their police department online or put their comments on a card and contact a supervisor.

The Charlottesville Police Civilian Oversight Board is launching a new online complaint portal for alleged misconduct by city police employees, which will go directly to the board for investigation.

The website would also allow citizens to request the commission’s review of police internal affairs investigations, submit recommendations for improving the services of the department or commission, and submit compliments to the police officer. .

The website will allow residents to track the progress of complaints or inquiries and access data relating to the number of complaints filed in previous years, types of complaints and disciplinary outcomes.

The council is developing videos explaining how the portal will work and how to use it. The site can be accessed at

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The Council will continue to receive and address complaints and/or allegations by email or fax and the community may continue to bring their complaints or compliments to the Council by telephone or by visiting the Council office at Charlottesville City Hall.

The council is also partnering with the police to create an interaction card that citizens can request from a police officer after interacting. The card can be used for compliments or complaints and includes space to write the agent’s name, the reason for the encounter, the date of the incident and a report number.

The map also provides contact details and a link to the complaint form for the Police Internal Affairs Division and council. Officers will carry cards printed in English and Spanish.

This map draws inspiration from other efforts across the country and neighboring jurisdictions.

The board is also launching a survey to find out what community members think of the department and the board and learn about their experiences. The anonymous and confidential survey will provide information to the board of directors, the city council, the city manager, the police and the rest of the community on the performance of each entity as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Council members will be attending the Soul of Cville Festival from 3-10 p.m. Saturday at Ix Art Park to promote recent council initiatives and distribute council information materials.