Central North West by-election: Local government leaders give their thoughts on the campaign

As election campaigns unfold in the Central North West electorate, local governments have seen candidates explain their vision for the region, and candidates have listened to the concerns of community leaders.

This was an important opportunity for communities to highlight their issues and across the region common themes of housing shortages, lack of access to health care and crime were discussed.

Many of these biggest issues are felt in towns large and small, such as Denham, which has a population of 849.

Access to health care and housing are major issues here, according to Cheryl Cowell, president of Shark Bay Shire.

Liberal candidate Will Baston has promised the city a permanent doctor, a difficult task according to Ms Cowell.

“It’s something we’ve been pursuing as a county for 25 years,” she said.

On housing, Ms Cowell said there was a serious need for more to help address labor shortages and keep the city growing.

“There are loads of people who would live here in a heartbeat if they could,” she said.

The impact of Cyclone Seroja is still widely felt in the area and should be the number one priority according to Councilor Des Pike, a Kalbarri ward representative for the County of Northampton.

Many communities are still awaiting help from the state government and reconstruction has been delayed by labor shortages, and Cr Pike said he hopes the new NWC representative can attract more pay attention to the matter.

“There’s $104 million supposed to be spent on relief in the Mid West, mostly in Kalbarri and Northampton, I don’t think you can look beyond that for priorities,” he said. declared.

Carnarvon County Chairman Eddie Smith said he felt the leading candidates had done a good job of covering local issues, listing anti-social behavior and upgrades to Carnarvon’s stalled fascine as his main priorities.

But some felt whoever won the election would not be able to impact the very small opposition bench in the Legislative Assembly, he said.

After many voters showed their support for Labor in the 2021 election, it is disappointing that the McGowan government is not contesting this election, said Cr Smith.

“I think there’s a bit of apathy towards him,” he said.

“With a small opposition in the state parliament and the government having no candidate, it is hard to imagine the community being very happy.

“They’re going to oppose it, whoever wins, to make an impact with so little influence.”