Carib product prices rise | Local company

It will soon cost you at least a dollar or two more to enjoy a Carib or Stag beer soon, as bar owners say a Carib Brewery price increase left them no option but to charge more. dear to customers.

Carib Brewery, in a statement on Monday, announced that a retail price increase of $ 1 per bottle or can will apply to its products Carib, Carib Pilsner, Stag, Carib Blue, Royal Extra Stout, Coors, Heineken, Guinness, Smirnoff Ice and Blue Moon.

The price of Caribe, Hurricane Reef and Mackeson remains unchanged, as well as Carib’s soft drinks such as ginseng, Malta and Smalta, the company said.

Sales chief Robin Cumberbatch said the company had absorbed costs throughout 2021, even in the face of skyrocketing raw material and shipping costs affecting operations globally.

He said, given these persistent constraints, the company was forced to raise prices.

Bars drive up prices

Lindsay Whiskey, owner of Scotchies Sports Bar in Arima, told The Express yesterday that the increase was inevitable because in recent years Carib Brewery has raised prices and bars have absorbed them.

But now the owners have no choice, he said.

Whiskey said that starting tomorrow, a Carib, Carib Pilsner and Stag that retail for $ 10 will sell for $ 11.

“We are getting new stock (tomorrow) so the price will go into effect. It was a tough decision to make, but things have been very tough for the bar industry after being shut down for several months due to government-imposed Covid-19 restrictions, ”said Whiskey.

Laird Agard, owner of D ‘Bocas bar and restaurant in Independence Square in Port of Spain, said the price of his Carib beer fell from $ 12 to $ 13 as he received new stock yesterday.

“Only time will tell how consumers react to the price increase because the economy is bad, but bar owners could not have absorbed another price increase, especially being confined in a safe zone,” so the pre-Covid customers are not there. We already have this drop in revenue to manage as well as closures due to the restrictions that have occurred, ”lamented Agard.

Rishi Ramsoobag, owner of the Raj Bar lounge in St Augustine, said he will also raise prices from $ 12 to $ 13 tomorrow.

“We do our best to keep the customer affordable because the price of my items has gone up. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when Carib Brewery sent in their adjusted price list. 2021 has been a very tough year and sales are slow as people are still skeptical about going out and filing even in a safe zone. In December, sales were lower than in November, ”said Ramsoobag.

More promotions

The owner of Frankie’s Bar on Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain, Chris Santos, explained that a decision has not yet been made at his establishment and that it is always difficult when there is an increase in price, because the customers are the ones who feel it the most.

“It’s a tough call. I should first assess my costs to see if there is a way to cut costs on my end to facilitate the increase … I should make a decision by the weekend. We sell our beers for $ 15 but the bar has specials so you can get a beer for $ 12. But with this price increase, we won’t be able to keep the stage running, ”Santos noted.

One of the owners of the Brooklyn Bar in Roberts Street, Port of Spain, Ronnie Moses said that although he received new shares at the increased price yesterday, management has yet to discuss if and when their prices will increase. .

“We should increase because overhead has also increased, but this needs to be discussed. What we did was skip the six-beer special for $ 60, ”noted Moses.

Bartenders and Owners Association (BOATT) president Satesh Moonasar said the price hike could put more pressure on the already fragile bar and restaurant industry which has been hit hard throughout. of the pandemic.

“While this price increase was expected since last year, it is difficult to manage. It will affect foot traffic in businesses, bars and restaurants right now, ”he said in a telephone interview.

Moonasar noted that Carib was one of the few alcoholic beverage producers not to raise prices last year.