British Columbia invests $4.2 million in local community counseling agencies

In an ongoing effort to support mental health initiatives across British Columbia, the provincial government announced it will invest $4.2 million in local community counseling options.

This funding builds on investments the government has made since 2019 to reduce barriers to mental health supports for people across the province.

As a result, almost 25,000 people have accessed counseling services.

In recent years, the pandemic, the toxic drug crisis and extreme weather events have led to increased mental health and substance use issues for many people in British Columbia.

Now, this extension of government funding will allow British Columbians to access counseling services as well as low-cost and no-cost options.

The $4.2 million investment will support the ongoing work of 49 community organizations, with a particular focus on those in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

“When people make the brave decision to seek help for their mental health and wellbeing, we want them to be welcomed with care, regardless of location or wallet. Early in the pandemic, community advisory groups helped us transform the delivery of mental health care and, through our funding, reached thousands of people,” said Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Human Resources. Dependencies.

“I am grateful to these community counseling organizations for the vital work they do to meet people when needed and to build trust and ongoing connections. With today’s funding announcement, that care continues and expands.

Community counseling connects counselors with clients through outreach, in-person counseling and virtual help with services and supports such as housing, employment insurance, addictions treatment and more again.

For some, having access to counselors means they will even have the added support of someone to accompany them to appointments.

“Everyone has the right to the best possible mental health, and for many people access to quality, reliable and effective advice is an essential part of their mental health journey,” said Jonny Morris, Director General of the Canadian Mental Health Association, British Columbia Division.

“We are grateful to the Province of British Columbia for extending one of the largest and deepest ongoing investments in publicly funded psychotherapy and counseling in British Columbia. This investment will help ensure that more people get the right support, where they are, at the right time. time.”

For a complete list of all funded community counseling organizations, you can visit the Community Council Fund‘.