Attorney. Ally. Activist. Guilford Commissioner Carolyn Coleman touched many. | local government

“It changed me in so many ways,” she said. “Sometimes you didn’t know she was quite in the room until she made a statement, but that was just her way. Even when things are controversial, she didn’t just to throw rocks. She made those concerns known out loud. She wasn’t the loudest person in the room. But sometimes she was the smartest.”

“In many cases, (the stewards) would go back and forth for 15 to 20 minutes and Carolyn Coleman would speak for about two minutes and we would change everything we said we were going to do,” Melvin “Skip” Alston said. , who chairs the Board of Commissioners. “She was a voice of reason.”

Reverend Cardes Brown, pastor of the New Light Missionary Baptist Church and current president of the NAACP of Greensboro, said he didn’t always agree with Coleman on the issues, but he never doubted of his sincere commitment to supporting the poor and disadvantaged.

“Sometimes we disagreed,” Brown admitted, “but there was never a question about our affection and love for each other.”

Coleman, who lived in Pleasant Garden and is the mother of a son,

Coleman was a Democrat who represented District 7, which is the east side of the county. She lived in Pleasant Garden and is the mother of a son.