A local business will donate a franchise to a North West graduate each semester

Aug. 30 – A local business partners with Northwest Missouri State University to provide a career opportunity to one lucky student each semester.

DocuLock, LLC will donate a franchise to a graduate student enrolled in Northwest’s Strategy and Decision Making course. DocuLock, LLC provides document scanning, preservation and utility solutions.

Paul Janicek, the co-founder of the DocuLock franchise, said he was delighted to be able to help a young entrepreneur.

“It’s an opportunity that I’m very happy to be able to offer because some of these people, they get into it, they want to do this but they have no idea what to do as far as, ‘Hey, I want to offer a service,” Janicek said. “Being able to franchise out of an existing brand that’s well-known is huge for them. And I look forward to helping each of them through this process.”

One student will be selected for the franchise at the end of each semester. The $43,500 deductible fee will also be waived for the student, leaving the person less in debt.

Students interested in the Strategy and Decision Making class will submit applications, and from there, an in-depth review of the students and their work at Northwest will take place until a winner is selected at the end of the semester.

Rebecca Lobina, director of the Northwest Small Business Development Center and director of continuing professional education, said it really is the best way to prepare students for life outside of college.

“Small businesses really run the world. They really do, especially in the United States. The vast majority of businesses are considered small businesses by the federal government and as such the whole concept of like grow your own , we accept it without reservation”, says Lobine. “And so at Northwest, when we talk about being career ready, day one, how much more career ready, day one, could you be than opening your own business as soon as you graduate. And so it’s a phenomenal opportunity for any student who’s ever considered opening their own business, running their own business so they can be their own boss and go their own way. “

Janicek said he understands the importance of offering guidance and wants to help these students as much as he can.

“Somebody has to do it, you know? There are a lot of organizations that kind of forgot their roots, I think, and I refuse to be a part of that,” Janicek said. “So we’re going to keep pushing forward and helping everyone we can along the way.”