5 cool and effective local marketing techniques for your business in Birmingham

Marketing is an important part of running and running a local business.

No matter how perfect your product or how useful your services are, without a smart marketing plan, you may not be able to reach the right customers.

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In this article, we discuss five interesting and effective local marketing techniques that can help your Birmingham business gain qualified local leads. Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, or supermarket, these tips will help.

1. First, update your Google My Business profile

The fact that all businesses need to know is that Google is the biggest search giant, and we need to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities it offers.

Updating your Google My Business profile is a great way to attract new customers. First, it makes you visible in search results. Second, it allows you to showcase top customer reviews and display ratings to attract even more people.

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Other than that, Google pushes GMB results above all websites in search results and allows searchers to browse or call the store they like.

Good news: Over 80% of queries from local searches convert.

2. Promote customer reviews on your media channels

Studies show that 72% of customers don’t make a purchase until they read online reviews, and 93% of customers judge the quality of a local business based on their reviews.

Certainly, the importance of reviews cannot be overlooked.

But is it enough to have only opinions? Well, by smartly promoting customer reviews on your media channels, you can create a lot of engaging content, as well as showcase your business’ social proof by helping customers in some way.

You can also launch a targeted paid advertising campaign using customer reviews to attract new customers.

3. Optimize for local search

Another important thing to consider is local search results.

Whether we’re talking about voice search or search terms ending in a phrase “near me”, one way or another they connect to local SEO. And as mentioned above, 80% of queries from local searches convert, which is why local SEO matters.

You can ask your incoming team to work on local SEO, or if you lack such resources, contact a qualified professional. digital marketing agency in birmingham.

Other than that, optimize your content for voice searches as well. Your GMB and Yelp reviews can improve your rankings in Google voice assistant, Siri and Alexa search results.

4. Introductory offers

Who doesn’t love deals? Whether it’s a deep discount or a giveaway program, an attractive and realistic offer can benefit your business. Plus, it can help you build a stronger, happier customer base.

It is certainly not about giving away your profits or taking losses for promotions, but about offering what you can comfortably afford.

Launching offers for different occasions and promoting them on your social networks can also increase traffic to your physical business.

5. Facebook Ads for Brand Awareness: A Constant Work in Progress

Facebook ads are great for building awareness of your brand in the region. But this technique shouldn’t be something you only use once in a while.

For results to come, Facebook brand awareness ads need to be a constant work in progress.

This will ensure that most potential customers in your locality know about your business and its services. So when they need it, they can contact you.

Last words

Marketing your local business to the surrounding areas is crucial for successful profits. In this blog post, we have discussed five quick tips that can help you promote your business effectively in the relevant local area.

Hope this was helpful.