2019 BrandMuscle State of Local Marketing Report Pays Off

CHICAGO, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrandMuscle, the leader in integrated local and channel marketing, today announced the release of the 2019 State of Local Marketing Reportthe only comprehensive study of its kind highlighting key trends and insights in channel marketing programs and local marketing practices.

Now in its fifth year, this normative report provides guidance for corporate marketers and their local partners to assess and improve their local marketing capabilities and implement programs to generate superior revenue.

“The State of Local Marketing report is the industry standard for analyzing key channel marketing trends and serves as an annual barometer of best practices and opportunities in local marketing,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle. “This in-depth report and associated new assessment framework reflect our mission to help companies improve their local marketing programs and increase revenue growth across channels.”

This year’s State of Local Marketing report features the BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Matrix™, designed to help brands understand current overall market performance and enable them to have the greatest local marketing impact at the local level. company and distribution partners. BrandMuscle worked with third-party researchers independent of Xpedition to develop, analyze, and design the framework for this study.

Discoveries of 2019 State of Local Marketing Report point to the significant benefits of a joint marketing investment and uncover numerous opportunities for improvement:

  • Brands that offer cooperation and have partners who spend a reasonable amount their own money, to achieve higher growth rates of more than 40% than those without shared “in-game skin”
  • 84% of partners are actively trying to learn more about marketing
  • 51% of partners say the support brands provide is no better than a tick box exercise
  • Correct 42% of partners say they can manage integrated marketing programs
  • Only 29% of partners believe their marketing program includes a variety of tactics and is up-to-date

The report also provides information on:

  • The relationship between local marketing and business results
  • Clear models that enable partners to succeed with marketing funds
  • ROI optimization, program tools and policies
  • Tactical trends to identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Top 10 Marketing Topics Local Businesses Want to Learn More About
  • The Six Core Dimensions and Associated Competencies of Local Marketing Maturity

Free access to BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing Report can be found here: https://www.brandmuscle.com/2019-state-local-marketing-report

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