10 local marketing automation software that will make your life easier

Local SEO has become a major part of global search engine optimization (SEO). There are millions of businesses around the world and in the United States that operate locally and need to use local SEO tools to be successful. In this article, we are going to list a selection of local marketing automation tools that can make your life easier whether you are a local business or a local merchant.

Tool # 1 – Yext

Yext is probably the oldest and most popular local marketing software solution. They offer a set of tools that will help you get listed in over 50 of their directories and network partners.

With Yext you can:

  • Submit your data to their network of 50+ partners
  • Automatically manage changes or updates to your ads
  • Monitor reviews and social interactions on the Yext publisher network

The biggest advantage of Yext is its speed of execution. Unlike other manual or semi-automated services, Yext is a 100% automated solution that will instantly sync your data.

Their price starts at $ 450 / year for each location. You can start using the product by running a free scan on their website.

Tool # 2 – Synup

First on our list is Synup, which is arguably the most comprehensive and easy-to-use local marketing software.

With Synup you can:

  • Monitor your quotes or local listings on over 190 local directories
  • Create or correct lists in the main sites
  • Watch your local notices
  • Track rankings on different national and local search engines

Synup announcements

The best part about this service is that it’s free to try and use with premium plans starting at $ 2 per month.

You can sign up for the product and find out more about them on their website.

Tool # 3 – Moz Local (GetListed.org)

Another important tool that should be part of your local marketing arsenal is Moz Local, which was previously known as GetListed.org.

The software is part of the larger and more popular Moz suite of marketing products.

With Moz Local, you can:

  • Submit your data to the most important aggregators (Acxiom, Factual and Localeze)
  • See how your ads appear on over 20 different local directories and search engines


Moz Local is priced at $ 85 / year for each commercial location. You can run a free analysis of your business on their website.

Tool n ° 4 – Vendasta

Vendasta is a local reputation monitoring and management system primarily aimed at large franchises and marketing agencies.

With the Vendasta product, you can:

  • Manage your local listings on the 25 best local directories
  • Monitor reviews and social interactions from top local directories and search engines


Vendasta is priced at $ 65 / month per location.

Tool # 5 – Placeable

Placeable is a platform that helps big brands manage consistent local data across different search engines and local directories.

They provide an interface where customers can add their locations, mark them for accuracy, and relay them to major vendors.


Placeable offers at prices as low as $ 2 per location per month. To learn more, visit their website at Placeable.com

Tool # 6 – Locate

LocalEze is one of the top three local data information aggregators on the web and distributes local data to all major directories and search engines.

On a monthly basis you can provide LocalEze with a feed of your locations and they will update this information on those sites and provide you with reports on what has been done.

The biggest advantage of this service is the reach they have in terms of the number of places they can submit to. But the biggest downside is that there is no guarantee of delivery and the process takes a very long time.

The price of their service varies depending on the number of sites you submit each year.

Tool # 7 – ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers offers solutions that help businesses monitor reviews on various local directories, including Google, Yelp, and Yahoo, as well as industry-specific sites such as TripAdvisor and OpenTable.

It is the oldest review monitoring platform and has been offering services for over three years now.

follow up reviews

Their pricing starts at $ 29 per location per month.

Tool # 8 – Universal business lists (UBL)

Universal Business Listing (UBL) brings together your business information and data from several directories and search engines.

Unlike data aggregators, UBL manually submits and claims your information on major directories and search engines. This is much more advantageous than using a standard data aggregator type service.

UBL price starts at $ 79

Tool # 9 – Free exam monitoring

Free Review Monitoring is a service that will monitor your reviews for you free of charge. This service is very useful if you are on a budget and only have one or two businesses that you are monitoring reviews for.


Beyond three locations, Free Review Monitoring offers plans that cost a monthly fee to use.

Tool # 10 – ReviewPush

ReviewPush is another review monitoring solution similar to ReviewTrackers. They also offer review monitoring on major local directories and notify you via email whenever a new review is posted.

push again

Their pricing starts at $ 29 per location per month with wholesale discounts available.